Heeeey, i'm cara!

Some things I really enjoy doing:

Spending time with husband (we just got married in June 2022!!!!), long drives to the middle of nowhere, finding simple recipes to mimic in the kitchen + having friends over. 

I value connections more than anything — to me, it’s always been the people I meet + the experiences I have that make them meaningful. I’ve discovered, that there is nothing more liberating + freeing than being able to be myself with the people who I surround myself with, and I'm so grateful to my clients, who have become some of my closest pals. I’ve come to realize that it is the journey in itself that is so rewarding. 

I’m pretty simple, sometimes of an awkward turtle (and embrace it). Most days you'll find me goofing off or giggling with my eyes closed (pictured here). I’m just a combination of all the lessons I have learnt and the people I have met. I am a friend, a deep thinker, and underneath it all — just human. 

Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. I dream of capturing your love as raw as it is. 

When I picture my couples, these are the words that come to my mind: carefree, openness, unhindered, honest, real. 


truly believe in. 

truth, and connection based on what I 

I want to leave a mark of art,

In all that I do, 

- here's a little  snippet about me...

Learn about my Philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer 



who am i? 

"Because every story is worth telling..."

I am passionate about making you feel welcomed + invited before you ever step in front of my camera. I truly care about you and the experience I serve you with.

We will probably spend a handful of coffee dates chatting and dreaming up your dream day. It's my goal to build this type of connection with you so that you feel completely comfortable in front of my lens, and can trust that I know how to capture the real you. 

It is my intention to custom tailor each session to how you want to remember your day, and create nostalgic memories for you to look back on forever. 

Photography for me has always meant more than just snapping a few pictures. It is my form of art, in which I create what I see and feel. The masterpieces are the humans and the connection I capture. 



who am i? 

I like to think of myself as a lifelong learner. I always seem to keep myself occupied with things to do, new places to see, and people to connect with! 

When I'm not out shooting weddings, you can probably find me in the kitchen thinking about what I'm gonna make for dinner, somewhere mountains hiking with my sweet thang: Thomas, hanging out with friends, serving in ministry, or out for a long drive with my favourite doggo pal, Bobo... 

I live for sushi, dim sum, poke bowls, oat milk lattes — uh, pretty much food in general, exploring dirt roads, finding new theology books to read + listening to my fav shoegaze metal playlist. 

It is my desire to be intentional in everything that I do + to be a light for His kingdom. I love Jesus deeply and want to use the gifts + abilities He's given me to better serve others - whether in the small things or big things in life. 




who am i? 

Me + my dude: taken by Isaac Sim Photography

Meet Bobo 

Bobo likes short walks by the river + long car rides with nice views. Hit Bobo up if you wanna get lit. 

it’s that 
e l e c t r i c feeling 
of how two become one.

I can't wait to chat with you!